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Twitch Adblock Extension

Adblock for Twitch is a chrome extension that helps to block ads. This extension doesn't require the use of an external proxy.

twitch adblock extension for chrome
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Features of Twitch Adblocker


How To Use


How To Install

  • add to chrome

    Add Extension to Chrome

    Click the "ADD TO CHROME" button or visit this link to download the extension.

  • pin in the toolbar

    Pin Extension in the Toolbar

    Click on the extension icon from the toolbar and pin the Twitch Adblock Plus on the toolbar.

  • enable the extension

    Enable the Extension

    To enable the AdBlocking, click on the extension icon and enable it by clicking on the toggle button.

  • hide/unhide blocking message

    Hide Notifications

    Hide/Unhide the ads blocking message using the toggle button.


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