How to block youtube ads with Ad Eraser for free

Watch your favourite YouTube channels ad free! You could be watching cute kitten videos or funny dog videos, and suddenly an ad pops up. That's not it! You could be watching a music video, a home workout or something educational, and you'll still find ads in every single video. It is almost as if the entire platform is filled with ads. However, most YouTube viewers fail to realize that they can easily get rid of these ads with the help of an extension. Once you add this extension to your browser, you can get rid of all sorts of YouTube ads. To learn more about this amazing YouTube adBlock extension, its features and its benefits, check out this article!

How to block YouTube ads with Ad Eraser for free

Enjoy the best YouTube has to offer! Without any subscriptions! If you're about to get a paid subscription to YouTube, then you might wanna go through this article before doing so. There is an alternative to blocking YouTube ads, i.e. with the help of a YouTube adblocker Chrome extension. Plus, this extension is free to download and use. And no, there's no catch to it! You can use Ad Eraser as long as you need, as the free version never expires. Overall, Adstopper Plus is a great extension for YouTube lovers who are in search of an alternative to the subscription plans.

What makes Ad Eraser different from other adblockers?

There are certain features that make Ad Eraser stand out from other adblocker extensions. This YouTube adblocker Chrome extension is widely used by users due to its efficacy and reliability. The extension is lightweight and works without causing any issues. It provides users with a hassle-free experience while optimising their browsers. Here are some features of Ad Eraser that set it apart from other extensions.

  • Stops Banner Ads: This YouTube adblocker extension blocks all sorts of banner ads on the YouTube page.
  • Video Ad Blocking: Ad Eraser adblocker efficiently blocks ads that play in between YouTube videos.
  • Faster page loading: Enjoy faster loading pages when there are no ads loading on your webpage
  • Enhanced privacy: Adstopper Plus protects your online privacy by blocking ads that track your activity.
  • Safe and secure: The YouTube adblock extension is completely safe to use, providing an effective adblocking solution.
  • Free to use: Unlike other adblock extensions, Adstopper Plus is completely free to use for all Chrome web users.
  • Seamless integration: The extension integrates well with your browser and doesn't require any complex configurations.

How can users benefit from using Ad Eraser?

Say goodbye to annoying ads with the Ad Eraser extension. When talking of its benefits, many readers could possibly think of just one advantage of this extension, i.e. adblocking. However, after using the extension, you will realise that there are several benefits to it. Here are some additional benefits that users can experience from using the Ad Eraser adblocker.

  • Reduce Clutter: A cluttered web page is not at all appealing to the users so use an adblocker to minimise the distractions on your Youtube home page.
  • Protect from malware: Sometimes, you may accidentally click on an ad containing malware; an adblocker protects you from such accidents.
  • Save time: A YouTube adblocker extension for Chrome prevents you from wasting your time watching repetitive and unnecessary ads.
  • Save data: Ad Eraser prevents data exhaustion. It prevents ads from loading thereby saving data for users on limited plans.
  • Improve overall experience: Improve your overall YouTube experience with the help of an adblocker.

How to get Ad Eraser for Youtube

With Ad Eraser, you get complete ad blocking on YouTube. That's not all; downloading the extension will only take a couple of seconds. To download the extension, you need to visit the Chrome web store and follow these instructions.

  • Open the Chrome web store and search for "Adstopper Plus."
  • Click on the "Add to Chrome" button and let the installation finish
  • Click on the extension icon next to the address bar
  • Agree to the necessary terms and conditions and enable the toggle for safe browsing and adblocking
  • Open YouTube on a new tab and enjoy watching ad-free videos

Note: Extensions work only on computers and laptops but not on mobile devices.

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Block YouTube ads and enjoy your favourite videos ad-free. With the Ad Eraser extension, you can block all sorts of annoying ads that pop up between the videos. For a cleaner-looking page, use Adstopper plus Adblocker, which blocks ads and leaves you with only the content. This YouTube adblocker Chrome extension has a simple interface, is free to use and doesn't require complex configurations. It integrates with your Chrome browser and is an effective tool that won't slow down your browser. So, enhance and improve your YouTube experience and say goodbye to those pesky ads forever!


Q1. Which is the best YouTube adblock extension available?

Ans. The Ad Eraser extension is a great adblock extension for YouTube users. The extension is simple and easy to use, making it a top choice among users.

Q2. Is the Ad Eraser adblocker extension free to use?

Ans. Yes, the Ad Eraser extension is free to download and use. With this extension, you won't require any subscription plans.

Q3. Can I use the YouTube AdBlock extension on mobile devices?

Ans. No, you cannot use the Youtube adblock extension on mobile devices. The extensions are only compatible with the browser on your PCs and laptops.

Q4. Which browser is compatible with the YouTube adblocker extension?

Ans. The Ad Eraser extension is compatible with the Google Chrome browser. It seamlessly integrates with your browser and doesn't affect its functioning.

Q5. Where can I download the Ad Eraser extension?

Ans. You can download the Adstopper Plus extension from the Google Chrome web store.

Q6. What makes Adstopper Plus a preferred choice amongst users?

Ans. Adstopper Plus provides users with a wide range of benefits and features, making it a top choice amongst users.

Q7. Does the Adstopper Plus extension block ads on other platforms?

Ans. The YouTube adblock extension works on other platforms as well. It'll block banner ads on your favourite websites, leaving you with a clutter-free page.